Our Approach for Development and Support of World Class Technology

Meridian Power Group is an IT Consulting and Software Solutions Firm founded by President/CEO Michael E. Jacobs over 15 years ago. We have a team of IT professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada. The benefit to you: local service and project managers who offer cost-effective, scalable, world-class enterprise technology solutions and employees.


Our product may be technical, but our approach is personal. Our pathway to delivering cutting edge people and software technology winds through the offices of leaders and managers of every company we work with. Our consulting team builds on a thorough GAP analysis and review of industry best practices. We talk to as many people as we can so we can design tech solutions that work throughout the industry.


We are enterprise architects helping your firm lay a foundation of scalable technology infrastructure. We plan, design, develop, test and implement applications. We manage data centers and networks. We provide tech support Help Desk services and help you to staff up for internal project initiatives.


In short, we are a single resource providing you with virtually every solution and service you might need in the area of information technology. At Meridian Power Group our success is measured by your performance. The gains you make in productivity and efficiency from implementing our products and utilizing our services are what drive us. Our mission is to help you meet current and future goals by providing transformative technology, competent and professional consultants.


We plan, design, build, test, implement and seamlessly integrate applications across the enterprise. We are laser focused on defect prevention and quality. We stick like glue to time lines and budgets.


Rely on Meridian Power Groupthroughout the entire maintenance lifecycle of existing IT applications.


We offer 24/7 support for applications, systems and databases helping you to boost productivity and minimize downtime. We provide all levels of support services for proprietary and off-the-shelf applications delivering app stabilization, bug fixes, upgrades, patches, tune-ups and on-going enhancements.


Our approach to application migration is highly structured. The mission is to ensure reliability, maintain integrity, minimize risk and maximize efficiency.


We are experienced in all major technologies and architectures across multiple platforms. Critical applications are moved seamlessly with minimal downtime at fixed cost. Security is paramount with disaster recovery systems built into every environment. Schedules are adhered to and your applications are ported only after every step in the plan of action has been addressed.