Nevis/400 is now available as a Web Tool Called Nevis/Cloud running on IBM's Pure Flex Cloud Sytem!

Nevis/400 has been running on the IBM iSeries server for many years and has aided in the success of hundreds of companies. It is still running dozens of small to medium sized wholesale distribution businesses throughout the US and Canada. It is easy to understand and user friendly. All forms supported by the system are electronic, allowing email and laser printer support. Nevis/400 has recently been converted to an IBM cloud based solution that no longer requires investment in in-house infrastructure, thus allowing inexpensive and quick deployment and execution.


A Graphical User Interface version of Nevis/400 is NOW HERE! We have completed development of the next generation Nevis/400, Nevis/Cloud, developed to run on the open source Linux operating system. Nevis/Cloud was developed in cooperation with our Premier Business Partner IBM, and contains all the functionality of the classic Nevis/400 product, but now has a browser based user interface. The new HTML version of Nevis/Cloud will be hosted and marketed by Meridian Power Group and IBM through their IBM business partner relationship. Nevis/Cloud will be marketed as both a stand alone installation, and also a Cloud based solution.


Functional details

Functionally, Nevis/Cloud includes the following modules: Order entry, accounts receivable. invoicing, accounts payable, general ledger, inventory control, inventory management, kit assembly, data import and export capabilities, returns management, purchasing, sales analysis, lot control and serial number tracking. It has an HTML user interface Since Nevis/400 has been around for a long time and has had thousands of users over the years, it is extremely reliable and stable. The system includes thousands of programs and screen panels that have been designed and developed by end users over the last few decades.

Solving your Business Problem

Nevis/Cloud eliminates the need for a large initial software investment, installation, server purchase, and maintenance, update management. Since the anticipated revenue stream is a low monthly fee, end users will be able to more easily afford to automate and upgrade to a more robust functional system.

Business opportunity

Nevis/Cloud presents income opportunities for IBM, Meridian Power Group, and software resellers throughout the US. Several factors have fallen into place over the last few years that makes this opportunity very exciting. Now that internet access is pervasive and reliable, people no longer have to purchase software. (i.e.. Google apps). This eliminates the need for updates, initial purchase, and installation. Nevis/Cloud is extending this to a full function accounting and mission critical business application. We believe that we can easily penetrate several types of customers. 1. Small to medium sized businesses that are running older hardware and are now faced with upgrading to a new expensive box. 2. Businesses who are looking to reduce software support costs, and infrastructure investments. 3. Businesses who are looking to improve their business efficiency with a more functional system.

Return on investment

ROI is improved by improving order entry speed via web based ordering, more efficient accounts receivable management, reducing investment in software, hardware and infrastructure maintenance. Reducing investment in inventory by focusing on having on hand what is selling.

Competitive advantage

Nevis/Cloud is unique in that it is very functional, easy to use, highly reliable, quick and easy to deploy, and inexpensive. Now that it runs on the IBM Pure Flex Cloud System, and has a modern user interface, it can quickly and inexpensively assist small to medium sized businesses improve their customer service capabilities, reduce costs of operation and also reduce investment in inventory.


Aerospace & Defense Industry
Automotive Industry
Automotive Suppliers
Distributors, Importers, Retailers
Heavy Equipment
Chemicals & Petroleum Industry
Chemicals & Life Sciences
Consumer Products Industry
CP - Beverages & Tobacco
CP - Household / Health & Beauty
Electronics Industry
Industrial Products Industry
Fabrication & Assembly
Wholesale Distribution & Services Industry
Wholesale - Food/Food Svc/Drug
Wholesale - General Trading Co.
Wholesale - Durables

  • Solution areas

    Cross industry
       Supply Chain Management

  • - Customer size

    Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
    Small Business (50 to 99 employees)
    Midmarket Business (100 to 499 employees)

  • - Languages supported


  • - Countries/regions available for distribution

Nevis/Cloud Overview

In today’s global market, distributors face a twofold problem: how to perform to their customers’ expectations of availability, price, and service, while balancing these factors against their own performance needs - generating profits and ensuring growth. 


The biggest problem is INEFFICIENCY!
Inefficiency caused by lack of timely information.  Information on orders, invoices, receivables, purchases, and inventory status can get bogged down in an endless jungle of paperwork. 


The Nevis/Cloud application has the solutions to solve these problems:  it is an affordable, easy-to-use, full-function software package that speaks directly to the needs of the distribution industry.  The use of Nevis/Cloud will allow you to achieve greater efficiency and maximize your profits.


Nevis/Cloud provides the following functions: Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Order Entry, Invoicing, Sales Analysis, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order Processing, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and other supporting applications.  Manufacturing and assembly is available at additional cost. 
The forms available with Nevis/Cloud include order acknowledgements, accounts payable checks, bills of lading, picking tickets, invoices, purchase orders, quotes, proforma invoices, A/R statements and late notices.  Whether multiple companies and locations , or a single company with one warehouse. Use Nevis/Cloud to follow, analyze, display, and print up-to-date information that can help you manage all aspects of your business.


The Nevis/Cloud version includes the following features along with many others:

  • DB2 Data Base support
  • Pop Up Windows 
  • Output to PDF documents and spreadsheet files
  • Supports form overlays for invoices, picking tickets, order acknowledgements, etc. so you can eliminate pre-printed form expense
  • Email directly from your Series i system
  • Eliminate printed reports and output to disk, or CD

Please call today for any questions or to upgrade to Nevis/Cloud